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more info on NYC winter meet

Ok so more of an update we are defienetly going to see the Nutcracker Ballet depending on what time show we see depends on what day we can go and will aslo determine how much time we have to do stuff.  We may be able to go ice skating in central park cause thats the only not crowded place I know about and it all depends on how much time we have. Im not even sure if they have skate rentals though.

So what I want to do is get to penn station in the morning walk up broadway and 42street to Konikuya book store which just recently added a selection of metemorphose dresses and they have lots of cool japanese books of all kind that includes lots of manga.
Then I wanted to walk up 5th ave go take a group picture in Rockafellar Plaza in front of it's famous Christmass Tree. Then keep walking up 5th ave we can stop at any stores you like on the way cause there are lots. My 2 favorites are Build a Bear and the Disney Store. Walk up to 59th where FAO Shwartz is its an amazing toy store perfect for everything. Then we can go across the street and do a photoshoot inside the Plaza hotel. (I will be calling to make sure it is ok but I did check it out and they really dont care wear you go) And if its not too freezeing we can go take more photos right across the street in central park. Then Id like to go to Jeckll & Hydes for dinner. I know we were debating the other place and even though this has more of a gothic atmosphere its just really fun and entertaining. Then we will walk a little more again to Lincon center for the show. And for this there are 2 ways of geting there. We can either go up broadway through columbus circle or we can go through central park. If we go ice skating we will have to go through central park. But whatever you like best. And then after the show we will probably catch a subway back to penn station

Keep in mind the route is subject to change since idk what time our show will be yet

From what ive reasearched we can do a group thing with 20 people or more. I thought this entitled us a discout but what it really is we pay full price for the nutcracker and then we can get a discount if we go back again for next season's Ballets. I was thinking we could go back in Febuary to see Sleeping Beauty and do a  Hime Lolita like a princess theme.

So the prices are

                           Prime Peek            Peek              Standard
Orchestra              $130                   $120               $105
Fist Ring Center   $130                  $120               $105
Second Ring         $110                  $100               $90
Third Ring              $99                    $88                 $75
Fourth Ring 
Rows A-B               $75                     $68                 $60
Rows C-K              $ 55                    $45                 $33
Rows L-O               $38                     $30                 $20

and there is a $10 handling fee all together

Now what I need to know from you guys is

-What days are you avalible (like if you work when do you typically have off)
-Whats the maximum your willing to pay for seats
-When does your school get off for Christmas Break

That will determine when we will go and what seats we will be getting


Nutcracker group sales

NYC Ballet Home Page

FAO Shwartz

Plaza Hotel

Jekll and Hyde's doesent have a website for their manhatten location sorry

Cant find the book store either

ALSO: The theme for the outfits for this meet is Christmas colors so red, green, or white dresses will work. For guys that would be for the vests and accessories. Obviously you have to come in some form of lolita I dont car wich just as long as one of these colors is in it and that its elegant or formal we are going to see a ballet. If you dont celebrate Christmas and you celebrate Hanaka the white should work for you.

And keep in mind this will be winter and it will be cold and we're doing alot of walking. So dress apropriately. That means even though we are wearing dresses wear leggings, tights, or even long bloomers under your dress also have a coat and even a sweater and long sleve's under that if you know you get cold easily. For shoes if you think you can't walk in them dont wear them so no heels please. Platforms and thick heels like on mary janes that aren't very high are ok. Plus if your wearing a top hat or some large hair accessory you must be able to remove it for the show. You cant wear it during the show or else the people behind you wont be able to see so dont pin it in your hair like crazy

I think most of us will want to take the train to penn station. Some of you already live in the city so we will all meet at penn station I will give exact details on the meeting location at a later date.

More Updates for your questions:

If you want to wear a white, red, or green dress and it has blue flowers or pink candies on it ITS OK. Just as long as the main color of the outfit is oe of the 3 Christmas colors.

Also your coat can be any color you want. It does not have to be a certain color. I dont care what color it is as long as it keeps you warm.

From what I have heard from the 3 people who have told me what I need to know December 19th may be the best day so far. If not please tell me! And only 2 people have told me what price they are willing to pay wich is the $130 full price front row seat ticket. Which I know alot of you probably cant afford so please tell me your price range for the tickets.



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